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Dubrovnik Boat Excursions

Join us, set sail on our comfortable and fast ship and head towards moments of beauty that you will cherish as the most precious moments of your holiday. Hidden, scenic bays, crystal clear sea, coastline that stimulates imagination, small picturesque villages that take you back through time... let’s set sail!



Elaphite Islands

Sail up the coast of these verdant islands, discover little picturesque villages where every stone has a story to tell...

Bobara / Mrkan

Land and sea tour

This excursion provides a unique opportunity to discover the beauty of Dubrovnik aquatorium by sailing from Dubrovnik to Cavtat...

Big game

Big game fishing

We are fully equipped for big game and other types of fishing and we will enable you to enjoy marvels of the sea and fishing on various locations of Dubrovnik aquatorium. Beauty of the sea and adrenalin which comes with a big catch make an absolutely perfect day.

We are aware of the fact that individual approach is always the best so we will give you the most adequate suggestions and offers, designed to suit your needs, wishes, abilities and time. That way, every moment that you decide to spend on our comfortable, luxuriously equipped and fast ship or comfortable car will be intense and will result in your complete satisfaction.

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Dubrovnik Boat Excursions

Address: Popolica 118, Mlini 20207
Dubrovnik - Croatia
Mobile #1: +385 98 850 546
Mobile #2: +385 98 345 440


We can offer a full day hire or only a few hours for excursions, transfers (by car or ship), taxi services on sea or land, big game or other types of fishing trips, all at affordable prices for we believe that quality can and must be accompanied by reasonable prices.

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