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Dubrovnik, Lokrum, Mlini, Cavtat, Konavle

This excursion provides a unique opportunity to discover the beauty of Dubrovnik aquatorium by sailing from Dubrovnik to Cavtat. It also takes you to Konavli, a delightful, unique area with its scattered villages, lush nature, and numerous wine cellars, some of the most well-known restaurants and remnants of rich history.
  • 09:00 h We will pick you up and take you to our boat
  • 18:00 h Return
We are going to sail east, our first stop being the island of Lokrum with its lush vegetation, botanical garden and Benedictine Monastery. Take a walk around Lokrum and enjoy shade and fragrances of thick, ancient pine forest.

After Lokrum, we head towards Zupa bay with a little scenic place called Mlini where you can take a walk and have some coffee at the waterfront admiring the view and the atmosphere.

From Mlini we sail towards outer islands of Zupa bay where you can swim in clear, untouched sea, soak up the sun and enjoy the peace and quiet interrupted only by an occasional seagull.

To return to civilization, we will sail to Cavtat a beautiful little town on coast of Konavli. Docking at Cavtat, sheer pleasure! We will land here and take a rather time-consuming tour of Cavtat’s sights.

From there, we will move on towards villages of Konavli in a car and visit its historical places, wine cellars and most well-known restaurants. We return from Konavli by car.

We are aware of the fact that individual approach is always the best so we will give you the most adequate suggestions and offers, designed to suit your needs, wishes, abilities and time. That way, every moment that you decide to spend on our comfortable, luxuriously equipped and fast ship or comfortable car will be intense and will result in your complete satisfaction.

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